About New Life


Our Story

New Life opened it's doors in May of 1984.   Since then, over 150 apprentices have been trained through the New Life Seminar and Apprentice Program and over 2,000 births have been attended.  Detailed records are kept on file of every birth to statistically view the various aspects of our birth experiences.  New Life's focal points include entire family needs, nutrition, and birth plans.  Education focused on vitamins, exercise and a plethora of birth topics empowers families to make confident decisions in a comfortable setting.  We are confident in our abilities to meet your needs in these times of amazing transformation.  We know that births don't always go exactly as planned.  If this is ever the case, we have great relationships with the doctors at St. David's and other local hospitals.  We will work together to make your birthing experience magical and to meet all of your needs!


Above and beyond

Being well informed and taking personal responsibility for the birth experience is a necessary part of a midwife attended birth.  Classes are an easy way to create a fun learning environment for the couple as a unit as they get connected with other couples who might be on the same journey.  After everyone in the class has delivered, we throw a pot luck baby party to show off our new bundles of joy and to stay connected.

New Life's clients have statistically

10% complication rate

8% hospital transfer rate

6-7% Cesarean section rate