FEEDBACK enables me to learn and grow in a positive direction.  Here are a few words from my amazing clients and apprentices!



"MariMikel has been the midwife for all three of my children and my littlest brother. She has a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond birth.  I feel like a better human being just knowing MariMikel. She is a deeply spiritual and loving person. She made me feel like I was the only one she was taking care of even though I know she had many other patients. The time that she spent with my family and I was priceless.  Sometimes I want to have another baby just so I get to see her on a regular basis.  If you want to have the best birth experience possible I strongly recommend MariMikel."

Sarah - August 2013


"MariMikel delivered both of our very healthy boys in our home, five years apart. They were the most amazing experiences for our entire family! I would recommend her to anyone for birth services or well woman visits, she's amazing!"

Heather Hanks- February 2014


"New Life Birth Services will forever remain dear in my heart. MariMikel is a troubadour and has been doing an amazingly beautiful job of bringing little humans onto our planet,,, a soldier of peace and Love she and the other midwives so lovingly taught me more than they'll ever know. I Love honor and yes cherish them always, in all ways. Peace."

Ginger - April 2015


"MariMikel went above and beyond our expectations when it came to her services and birthing all three of my kiddos. I could not imagine anyone else performing such an exciting and intimate time in our lives. She is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to babies and pregnancy. I enjoyed all of the apprentices she had with her and I loved getting to know everyone. I can say without a doubt that they truly cared/care for me and my family and gave us 100% all the time. We love y'all!"

Kristen McAshan - November 2015



"This for starters:  My journey with MariMikel began in 1995 as a client. It was a lovely healthy pregnancy, and a peaceful home birth! In 2013, I started another journey with MariMikel as her student. I witnessed the same commitment, care, and professionalism as I had received 20 years earlier. Marimikel empowers women in their spiritual, emotional, and physical journey through pregnancy and motherhood. MariMikel’s faith is visible in her 40+ years as a midwife serving and loving women. There is no one like her in Austin!"

Varshna - 2016

"It is an incredible honor to be an apprentice for MariMikel. She has taught me so much about self care, self love, and midwifery. Her vast knowledge is always available to me. She LOVES questions and is a patient and gracious teacher and birth guide. She is a hero and an inspiration and I am truly honored to work with her!  I'm sure to carry on what I have learned from her about birth and far beyond, for the rest of my life!"

Delacey - 2016